I felt compelled to write this today as I looked at an old photograph of my wedding and remembered the pain I was in that morning even after the painkillers. I wanted to let others who are suffering to know there is therapeutic support out there for you – whether that is to vent, lament, discuss or anything else. I am here. I have walked in them shoes.
When  you suffer from a long term, chronic health condition it can feel like no one understands. You can feel so alone and that nobody else gets what you’re going through.


I suffered from endometriosis and it felt like I only ever had a week off each month from feeling dreadful.  Family, friends and even the hospital consultants gave me advice that didn’t help – who knew that hoovering and waxing floors was supposed to be a cure?!

Looking back now, I wish I’d spoken to a counsellor. It would have helped me and those I loved because it would have helped me to cope.

Suffering from a chronic condition can be a very lonely experience.  Counselling can help by sharing how you feel and feeling understood and really listened to.

Contact me if you’d like someone to help you get through difficult times.