Couples/Relationships – Counselling

It may be that you landed here as you are facing difficulties in your relationship and you want to preserve it or decide whether it is worth preserving. You may have decided to separate and want help to manage the separation process. You may feel generally happy with the relationship but find that there are specific areas of difficulty that you want to improve on or you may feel that your relationship functions well but wish to enhance your experience of connection and intimacy.

I can help you explore difficult and unhelpful patterns of communication that are affecting your current relationship and help you gain relational and communication skills to find more effective ways of getting your needs met. Specific areas that may be addressed are assertiveness, communication skills, emotional literacy, attachment and negotiation strategies which can lead to a better understanding of yourself and your partner so that you become more empathic and supportive to one another.

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”

– Esther Perel

Whatever it may be, please rest assured, I will work with each of you without judgement.  I will not be taking sides but helping you work through your concerns at your own pace.

I provide relationship or marriage/divorce counselling to either help you both explore the difficulties and receive support to help you move forward.  Counselling can help with understanding, provide clarity and assist in helping each person find out what they want or need.

How it works:

An initial first session to see if you both feel comfortable in counselling and feel comfortable with me and with each other is a good way to start the journey without any further commitment.

I will not tell you whether to stay together or leave each other but will work with you collaboratively to facilitate change in your relationship.

Couples / Relationship counselling sessions will generally take place weekly and last for one hour – although it is not uncommon to agree to longer in the first few sessions as you may both feel you are in crisis.  I will always try as much as possible to accommodate.

Relationship Counselling:

relationship counseling

Relationship Counselling can also be about non-romantic relationships such as mother-daughter-son-in-law, siblings, friendships, business partners etc.  It can be about many issues such as how to manage conflicts, cultural, health, children, education etc.

I also provide relationship counselling one-to-one.  You may wish to have relationship counselling on your own and without your partner attending.  This can be particularly helpful and supportive if you are unsure about what is going wrong or what went wrong or what to do next.  It can also be useful if you are struggling with making a decision on whether to maintain or break off the relationship.  You may also wish to explore your own behaviour and feelings in the relationship and gain clarity around what is going on for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss in confidence the next steps.