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Welcome to my counselling and therapy website. You may be reading this because you need to talk to someone, need someone to listen and understand you.  You may not know exactly what is bothering you. I am here to listen and support you wholeheartedly as a warm and empathic counsellor, committed to helping people move forward with their lives whether that is individual, relationship or couples/marriage counselling.

We will meet in the short-term online in a safe and confidential virtual space.  I will send you an easy to follow guide on how this works and how to set yourself up.  I am on hand to talk you through this and together we will get there. 

Whatever your reason may be, which is unique and personal to you, counselling can help you get a different perspective on things by providing you with a safe and confidential space in which you can explore any difficult challenges or feelings you may be experiencing. To facilitate this I make sure that clients feel safe and listened to without fear of being judged or unheard.

I am an experienced BACP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor and provide counselling for individuals or couples/relationships from my practice in Holborn/Bloomsbury which is in Central London and close to The City.

How can Counselling help you?  How can I help you?

Counselling can help you through the difficult times as you gain clarity and awareness which supports you making changes in your life to enable you to behave differently, or to think or feel about things differently and to feel you have a choice in how you move forward with your life.

In my practice I can share with you some of the recent mindfulness and neuroscience developments that can be used to help you understand your emotions, including self-help tools to help you manage stress, low moods, self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks and depression, improving your mental health and wellbeing.

People come to therapy for many reasons: feeling stuck, depression, anxiety, addictions, bereavement, work, stress, relationships, painful emotional experiences – and many more.

Therapy (also referred to as counselling) can help as it gives you the opportunity to talk in-depth, in confidence and in safety with a qualified professional who will listen to you closely, supporting you as you explore freely and openly, helping you gain clarity and awareness which helps the healing process and also helps you move forward to make positive changes in your life.

I lived and worked in France for 17 years and therefore I am able to work with bilingual French/English.  I know how memories, emotions and experiences can have different expressions, intensity and impact in one of these languages which are all part of your unique and whole experience.

I work with adults from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and sexual orientations.   I offer individual, couples or other relationship counselling on a brief or long-term basis in Holborn, Bloomsbury, Central London.  Please find more details on my FAQ page.

You can contact me by phoneemail, text or by using the contact form.

“Sometimes in the waves of change – we find our true direction”. 
― Carl R. Rogers